Disappearing DBAs

  • I am reminded of a comment a project manager once made (he was IT savvy as well) regarding Windows. I think Windows NT4 was just out or about to come out and the comment was along the lines of "Windows is becoming so easy to install & use that the days of sysadmins are numbered".

    10 years later, and the sysadmin is still very much required. And not just to install Windows, but to monitor, troubleshoot, fix & hold users' hands.

    I believe ditto for DBAs, as has already been commented.

    I have had to do an audit of some servers that I inherited when I took over this role. I have some weak passwords to fix, patching, auditing, backups, apps using sa and other security bits & pieces to deal with. Largely because the servers were installed by Windows sysadmins who did not know a lot about SQL Server beyond installing it & nosying around with EM.

    I think I am getting through to them that any new SQL Server (even if it is just a backend to something like MailMarshal or Insight Manager) needs to be run by me so it can be setup properly so it runs well & is secure. That is what I am here for, that is what I get paid for and it is me getting it in the neck if someone finds issue with an SQL Server, even if it was setup by someone else.

    Scott Duncan

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