Dimension [Fact Internet Sales] : Create hierarchies in non-parent chi

  • Hi, Please Assist? I am trying to deploy a cube and it gives me a few errors. How do i correct?

    I am using the AdventureworksDW2012.







  • Can you include the errors?  The screenshots only show the warnings.

  • Thats everything that contains that its not working. When i press process it gives the usual message of "Server Content Out Of Date" and than "There were errors during building tland deployment"

  • Try processing your dimensions first, and if that goes through without a problem, then process the cube.

    Make sure with both dims and cube that you do process full.

  • Please eleborate, im new to this?

  • 🙂  No worries.

    Just an FYI, I'm certainly no expert at cubes, to begin with, but here's what I know.

    If you right click on one of your dimensions, you should see an option for 'Process'.  When you click Process, it'll do some work and a screen will popup with a process button.  Before you do, look at the top of the window that popped up and see if it says Process Full or Process Update or something like that.  Pick Process Full, and let it do the work.  Do that for all of them.  Alternatively, you can choose all of them and choose process and then change them all to Process Full if it doesn't come up that way.

    Once you've processed them all, then right click on the cube and process the cube, again when it asks, choose Process Full.

  • My server is running i have connected to it.

  • Where are you running SSAS?  Local or on a remote server?  My assumption is that it's local based on what your screenshot says.  If that is the case, do you have Analysis Services running on your local box?  If you don't, I don't think this is going to work.


    Have you looked into the Stairways here on SQLServerCentral.com and looked for an SSAS one?  They have good stuff to look at.


  • All is running and its local.

  • if you've got the properties of the project set up - build and deployment screens are correct, check out this post. - https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/e3a5f79d-8c7d-40e1-b726-b7bf0dd828d3/a-connection-cannot-be-made-ensure-that-the-server-is-running?forum=sqlanalysisservices

    I'm hoping that someone else will jump in here because you've exhausted my SSAS knowledge :).  What made you ask me on Twitter to take a look?

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