Difference in checksum calculations.

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    Thank you for looking into my question. I am facing an issue with difference in checksum calculations for the same data between an on-prem SQL Server 2016 and the Azure version. 

    Here is the scenario.

    I have an on-prem SQL 2016 database and a SQL Azure database.  The schema is exactly the same between these two databases.  I updated the Azure database using the SQL 2016 as the source.  

    After updating, I was expecting the checksum calculation between the tables for the updated rows to be the same, but it is not. 

    Has anyone seen this issue before?

    the source and destination has numeric and char datatypes only.

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    This is a duplicate post.   See the other one here:  https://www.sqlservercentral.com/Forums/2024009/Difference-in-checksum-calculations

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