Difference between Physical & Logical instances

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    I have heard two phrases from someone “Physical & Logical instances”. Can anyone please explain me what this is?

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  • Gail Shaw

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    No such thing as a physical or logical instance of SQL. Could be something unrelated. Why don’t you ask the person that you heard it from?

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  • Pouliot Philippe


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    Physcial or Logical exist for Oracle.

    1. Physical Standby Database

    Standby database is called “physical” if the physical structure of stand by exactly matches with stand by structure. Archived redo log transferred from primary database will be directly applied to the stand by database.

    2. Logical Standby Database

    Stand by database is called “logical”, the physical structure of both

    databases do not match and from the archived redo log we create SQL statements then these statements will be applied to stand by database.


  • george sibbald

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    they might have a meant a ‘virtual’ instance, which is what a sql instance is referred to in a clustered configuration as it could reside on more than one physical node.


  • SQLBuddy123

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    Or Could be a Instance on a Virtual Machine Vs Instance on a Physical Machine

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