Determining if a server is 32 bit vs 64

  • Kyle Schlapkohl


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    Is there a quick and easy way to figure out if a server is 64 bit or 32 bit?  I have been looking and cannot figure out an easy way.  If there is a script that will figure it out could you please tell me.  I am a DBA and manage over 100 servers and need a fast and easy way to figure this out.


  • Anders Pedersen


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    Could allways parse out the @@version information, right after the version number it will list the architecture it is for (like on mine says Intel X86).



  • Anders Pedersen


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    So this bugged me, had to be a better way.




    Index = 4 is for the platform, in mine says NT Intel X86.  I don't have a 64 bit server up and running SQL on it, so can't verify what this would say if on a 64 bit.  Anyone?

  • EdVassie

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    Look in the system Environment variable PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE. 

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  • Anders-446552

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    Maybe this can help:

  • Greg Edwards-268690


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    The stored pocedure gives all the info you may need. I assume you would be interested that SQL Server is 64 bit if running on x64 bit platform. Someone could run 32 bit on x64 bit OS.


    1 ProductName NULL Microsoft SQL Server

    2 ProductVersion 589824 9.00.2153.00

    3 Language 1033 English (United States)

    4 Platform NULL NT AMD64

    5 Comments NULL NT AMD64

    6 CompanyName NULL Microsoft Corporation

    7 FileDescription NULL SQL Server Windows NT - 64 Bit

    8 FileVersion NULL 2005.090.2153.00

  • Kyle Schlapkohl


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    Thanks you for all your help.  My issue has been resolved.

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