Design A Database Using an Entity-Relationship Diagram

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    Ramesh Gummadi

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    Is there a decent (and inexpensive) ER tool that produces both the database and classes?

  • Ramesh Gummadi

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    Sorry I do not know as of now. Will let u know if I come across anything. Rational Rose is a pretty good tools for design. I do not know how expensive it is.

    Ramesh Gummadi

    Ramesh Gummadi

  • Greg Charles


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    Check Visible Analyst from Visible Systems.


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    Nice Article.  I give it 5 stars.  It's obviously not "in-depth" - but not all articles need to be geared for experts.  I like it because it's well written and easy to follow.  I can refer my customers to this article and they will understand the basics of relational database design - many for the first time!

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    One of the best tools out there, regardless of cost, is EasyCASE from Evergreen CASE Tools

    Evergreen CASE Tools:

    EasyCASE (shareware); EasyCASE plus (commercial)

  • 11025 164th Ave NE; Redmond WA 98052; 206-881-5149
  • I've used many different tools in the course of my 22 years in this industry, and EasyCASE is not only simple to use and extremely powerful, it is also remarkably inexpensive.  IEW/ADW from Knowledgeware are great, too, but too pricey for the individual developer; and Texas Instruments' IEF is the pinnacle of whole-system development tools, but it is prohibitively expensive for all but the largest of corporate IT budgets.

    Overall, EasyCASE is the hands-down winner in terms of price/performance when it comes to data-modeling tools.

    Kindest Regards,

    Matt Gauch

  • Jon Beer

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    This article is excellent at describing the basics of ER modelling and it only takes 10 minutes to read! 

    I'm very happy to see it because it accurately represents my view of ER modelling.  Recently I have witnessed what other developers have called ER diagrams but in my view are simply just table diagrams.  Obviously this had led to much confusion and "heated" discussions!

    True there are other methods of modelling data - but can they really be called an ER diagram?  Shouldn't the term ER be specific to the diagram notation described in this article?

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    Can you/ How do you design a database diagram in Visual Studio 2010?

    Any help with this is appreciated.



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