Deploying SQL Server Automatically

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  • Automated deployments, particularly for dev/test is increasing, and is one of the main drivers for containers.   Fully configured, identical, and delivered in seconds, with a complete audit log.  CI pipelines benefit with a pristine environment for each run.  A secondary benefit is simplified infrastructure, with a modest VM supporting up to 20 or even 50 containerized environments.

  • I tried solutions as Fine build as well. but now completely shifted to  Powershell Desired State Configuration DSC. This also allows  to check if your server has drifted from its original config.

  • Thanks, good to know about other solutions.

    One question. If you want things to change, do you have a separate config for each instance that you update? Do you store this centrally or on the instance?

  • Custom images capture the configuration desired.  In the case of SQL Server that also includes which SQL Server services are provisioned.

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