deploying datafactory using YAML script - Error

  • Hi All,

    First foray into deploying adf using YAML scripting from Azure Devops from a dev resource to a test resource using boilerplate code YAML code cribbed from the internet. The artifacts have been created correctly so that bit works.  Deployment the second half  requires creating in my azure project settings a service connection to my target resource group RG-DEV2  which I have created and  given access to all pipelines.   The first bit of  deployment YAML involves stopping triggers on target pipeline as a prerequisite to deploying which also works that indicates it can see the total target environment  via the subscriber , resource group , adf pipeline hierarchy. Deployment which is next step fails :  Error message as follows

    -Checking if the following resource group exists: RG-DEV2.

    -[error]Check out the troubleshooting guide to see if your issue is addressed:

    -[error]Failed to check the resource group status. Error: {"statusCode":400}.

    -[section]Finishing: 4 Deploy ADF Artifact

    have checked my activity logs in RG-DEV2 back in Azure portal  and nothing in there. Have checked my service connection activity in azure devops  and usuage history records the build happening

    Any help on this ..i think it is a permissions issue , but how can it be if  stop triggers is working ?????

    What can I check out/investigate next...

    FYI - I did this originally doing the classic build and deploy which was all graphical and it worked out great but is considered now old school.  But YAML seems the defacto way of doing this now , so am on learning curve on this


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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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