delete my own login

  • So I have my own individual windows login to SQL & access via a group.



    I want to delete the first and I'll then still have access via the latter.  I can't delete because it says I'm already logged in.  Is there a way of doing this myself? worst case I'll get another admin user but I'd rather just get it done.

  • you need to get another admin to do it - or you setup a SQL agent job to delete it for you (but will need to kill all sessions with your login in order to do it)

  • Genius, I can do it via a job.  Thanks!  I'm the only real admin & talking anyone else through it will be a pain.  Only issue now is that it's telling me the user owns databases & it doesn't.

  • Hi,

    maybe you can use the sa user, only to kill your own admin account. After you removed your account, just disable the sa account for a better security.

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