delete a row from parent and all child records

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    I want to delete a row, which is dependent on some other tables(more than 32).

    How to delete a row from all the tables. any idea.

    I tried below sp, but throwing error

    Msg 217, Level 16, State 1, Procedure spDeleteRows, Line 60

    Maximum stored procedure, function, trigger, or view nesting level exceeded (limit 32).

    CREATE Procedure spDeleteRows


    Recursive row delete procedure.

    It deletes all rows in the table specified that conform to the criteria selected,

    while also deleting any child/grandchild records and so on. This is designed to do the

    same sort of thing as Access's cascade delete function. It first reads the sysforeignkeys

    table to find any child tables, then deletes the soon-to-be orphan records from them using

    recursive calls to this procedure. Once all child records are gone, the rows are deleted

    from the selected table. It is designed at this time to be run at the command line. It could

    also be used in code, but the printed output will not be available.



    @cTableName varchar(50), /* name of the table where rows are to be deleted */

    @cCriteria nvarchar(1000), /* criteria used to delete the rows required */

    @iRowsAffected int OUTPUT /* number of records affected by the delete */



    set nocount on

    declare @cTab varchar(255), /* name of the child table */

    @cCol varchar(255), /* name of the linking field on the child table */

    @cRefTab varchar(255), /* name of the parent table */

    @cRefCol varchar(255), /* name of the linking field in the parent table */

    @cFKName varchar(255), /* name of the foreign key */

    @cSQL nvarchar(1000), /* query string passed to the sp_ExecuteSQL procedure */

    @cChildCriteria nvarchar(1000), /* criteria to be used to delete

    records from the child table */

    @iChildRows int /* number of rows deleted from the child table */

    /* declare the cursor containing the foreign key constraint information */


    SELECT AS Tab, AS Col, AS RefTab, AS RefCol, AS FKName

    FROM dbo.sysforeignkeys FK

    INNER JOIN dbo.syscolumns SC1 ON FK.fkeyid =

    AND FK.fkey = SC1.colid

    INNER JOIN dbo.syscolumns SC2 ON FK.rkeyid =

    AND FK.rkey = SC2.colid

    INNER JOIN dbo.sysobjects SO1 ON FK.fkeyid =

    INNER JOIN dbo.sysobjects SO2 ON FK.rkeyid =

    INNER JOIN dbo.sysobjects FO ON FK.constid =

    WHERE SO2.Name = @cTableName

    OPEN cFKey

    FETCH NEXT FROM cFKey INTO @cTab, @cCol, @cRefTab, @cRefCol, @cFKName



    /* build the criteria to delete rows from the child table. As it uses the

    criteria passed to this procedure, it gets progressively larger with

    recursive calls */

    SET @cChildCriteria = @cCol + ' in (SELECT [' + @cRefCol + '] FROM [' +

    @cRefTab +'] WHERE ' + @cCriteria + ')'

    print 'Deleting records from table ' + @cTab

    /* call this procedure to delete the child rows */

    EXEC spDeleteRows @cTab, @cChildCriteria, @iChildRows OUTPUT

    FETCH NEXT FROM cFKey INTO @cTab, @cCol, @cRefTab, @cRefCol, @cFKName


    Close cFKey

    DeAllocate cFKey

    /* finally delete the rows from this table and display the rows affected */

    SET @cSQL = 'DELETE FROM [' + @cTableName + '] WHERE ' + @cCriteria

    print @cSQL

    EXEC sp_ExecuteSQL @cSQL

    print 'Deleted ' + CONVERT(varchar, @@ROWCOUNT) + ' records from table ' + @cTableName

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    If your proc "is designed to do the same sort of thing as Access's cascade delete function", why not just set Delete Rule to Cascade for your relationship?

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