Default values for power bi slicer

  • In most any data analysis tools a fundamental function is the ability to set a default value for a slicer or report parameter. Power BI being the exception. I know there are dozens of semi effective results in a simple google search to circumvent this glaring deficiency in Power BI. I realize that this post is worded somewhat strongly but it really bothers me that something so simple and obvious does not seem to be a priority. Am I missing some fundamental revelation or is this only my problem?





  • Set a Filter on the report/page, but leave the Filter menu visible to the users?

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  • I’m not saying it is impossible but my “casual user” does not need to or want to understand the differences between a slicer and a filter.  It is not an unreasonable request to have the slicer default to a predetermined or dynamic value. In older technologies like Microsoft reporting service or even crystal reports, the slicer (parameter) can easily be set to a default value.

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