Default Parameters - Report Runs

  • I have default values set for all the parameters in a report and when opening the report, it runs with these values. The problem is that I'd like to configure the report not to run right away and give the user a chance to change any of these parameters before running it.

    Does anyone know if this is possible?

    Thank you

  • I've not found a way to do this other than forcing the users to select a parameter.

    Many of my reports require a start and end date, so I default the start date and make the user select the end date.

    Also, I have a number of reports that depending on what the user wants they are shown a detail or summary report. I default everything else except that selection.

    Of course another way around it would be to create a custom front end and then pass the params in from that.


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  • I think we're going to build a custom front end anyway, but we were wondering if there was something to change for now. In my case, it's start dates and end dates as well, perhaps leaving the end date undefaulted will appease the user. Thank you for the suggestion.

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