Declare @local variable

  • Makes for tidier code, IMO. Thanks for the question, Steve!

  • Finally an easy question!



  • philip.cullingworth (12/5/2013)

    Mr. Kapsicum (12/4/2013)

    easy one for the guys who has past experience in 2005 😀

    And those with current experience of 2005:-)

    And for those with no experience of 2005 who noticed the fanfares when this was announced for 2008. 😀


  • Revenant (12/5/2013)

    Makes for tidier code, IMO. Thanks for the question, Steve!

    Agreed - thanks:hehe:

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  • didn't need to think a second for the answer...

    easy one ..

    thanks steve

  • Very easy one, already had a previous experience with this before.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Hany Helmy
    SQL Server Database Consultant

  • OCTom (12/5/2013)

    The first SQL server version I worked with was 2000. I got into the habit of declaring and setting in two statements and I still do that today. I forgot you can declare and set in one statement. :crazy:


    Me too 😉

  • Finally - continued use of an older SQL release earns me easy points on QotD!


  • Pretty easy one. 🙂

  • easy one


    just had a fear of a trick due to the maybe opt !!

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