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  • Hi All,

    Our server team is planning to move  secondary data centre from one location to another. From DBA side, we have log shipping and always ON configured.

    We have two DC. Primary DC1 & Secondary DC2. DC2 is going to be moved to new location.

    Many database been configured as log shipping within same DC2 and DC1 + DC2.

    Same as, many database been configured as always on as three node , two nodes in DC1 as primary and one node as DC2 as secondary.

    Do I need to stop log shipping jobs?

    Do I need to pause always ON databases in the primary site.

    Any suggestions.

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  • It's not quite clear what is happening. Are systems from DC2 being shut down and physically moved or copied to a new place (DC3)?

    If you don't shut down AG/Log shipping, the primary systems will continue to log things, no log backups can truncate, and disk space will be used. They will report errors until the secondaries are online.

    If you have new secondaries, I'd bring them online as a new target, and when you shut DC2 down, remove the entries for AG/LS from those source systems.


  • Hi Steve,

    Are systems from DC2 being shut down and physically moved or copied to a new place (DC3).

    Yes DC2 is going to be shutdown and physically moved to new place.

    Just to add for log shipping is it is not GUI setup, it is script based. I believe, I need to have more disk space in the source server for log file and log backup. Once new DC is up it will start copy and restore job and able to sync.

    For always on - I believe I need to pause before shut down and make sure to have good space for transaction log files and resume after new DC is up.

  • For log shipping. You need to keep logs if you want to restart, or reset the restore process for the dbs. What you do depends on what you want.

    For AGs, they will continue to accumulate log that cannot be truncated until the secondary is online. You can remove dbs from the AGs if this takes a long time and reset up the AGs, but you'll need to reseed then.

    You can estimate the space needed for logs by looking at the size of all transaction logs over the time period you need. If it takes 2 days, then how much log backup space is needed for 2 days worth of logs.

  • Thank you Steve for the response. It helps me to plan.

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