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    Hello Team,

    I am using DMV dm_db_index_physical_status to replace the DBCC is sql server 2016.

    Anybody have any sample code to see how this can be done to get the below

    ObjectName CHAR (255),

    ObjectId INT,

    IndexName CHAR (255),

    IndexId INT,

    Level INT,

    CountPages INT,

    CountRows INT,

    MinRecSize INT,

    MaxRecSize INT,

    AvgRecSize INT,

    ForRecCount INT,

    Extents INT,

    ExtentSwitches INT,

    AvgFreeBytes INT,

    AvgPageDensity INT,

    ScanDensity DECIMAL,

    BestCount INT,

    ActualCount INT,

    LogicalFrag DECIMAL,

    ExtentFrag DECIMAL


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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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