DBCC dbreindex filling up data drive space..

  • We have a scheduled DBREINDEX job against a 150 GB Database. The data drive is 110GB and Index drive is around 20GB. Log file is around 30GB. The Index job ran fine all these days untill it failed last week saying that the Primary file group is full and it could not allocate space. The drive is left with 10Gb free space and Unallocated space was 25GB within the 110GB itself. The job failed whiled trying to reindex a 7GB table.

    My Question here was, would the Reindex job require space for re-organizing on the Primary file group? I expect the Log files to grow but why was it complaining about the Primary file group being full. I havent seen this error before and kind of concerned me.

    Ours is Sql2000,8 proc,8GB Ram Box with the SAN Storage.

    Pl let me know if anyone has any Idea.

    Thanks in advance for ur time


  • My understanding you have separate database files for indexes and data, which one is in Primary File group?

    Does the 7GB table have clustered indexes? If it has, which file group it is in? In general, you need 1.2 to 1.5 times free spaces of your table's size to rebuild the clustered index.


  • You are right Allen. We have separate  files for Data,Indexes and Logs.Primary file group is the Data file. The huge table has clustered Index (in the form of PK Constraint ) and is placed on Primary. So while re-org of that Index it should have required that 1.2times of space. right now we are left with 9GB of free space on that Drive .

    May be it wasnt enough for that Index to to re-org.


    Thanks for the TIP



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