dbatools is Growing Up

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  • Looks pretty sweet. Reading this makes me want to do something similar for Azure Data Warehouse, but with a Python command-line tool instead. Hrrm...

  • +1 for dbatools. I was amazed when I first came across it and tried some commands.

  • hello guys hope you are all well. if try to schedule through the SQL Agent the following powershell

    SL 'D:\DBA'

    where the refreshDatabase.ps1 is actually executing one of the dbatools scripts....

    Import-Module D:\DBA\dbatools-master\dbatools.psd1
    Copy-DbaDatabase -Source "SERVER_ONE" -Destination "SERVER_TWO" -Database DBNAME -WithReplace -BackupRestore -NetworkShare "\\SHARE\DBA"

    the job works, the database is restored but the actual SQL JOB run indefinitely. i need to basically stop it manually. do somebody know why?

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