DBAs and the Fear of Time Off

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  • We're supposed to Work to Live, not Live to Work....... 🙂

  • I was curious as to which Fugazi song it was. They are one of my favorites.


  • Ah yes. I remember feeling, mistakenly, that I was indispensable and that the company would collapse if I took leave. Truth is that I probably would have collapsed if I didn't take leave.

    I guess the bottom line is that a firm is under-resourced if it can't afford to honour it's staff holiday entitlement.

    Anyway, I am now retired and the firm I left is still going strong. They're not missing me at all, damn it!

  • It was Margin Walker with the discordant axe blast right up front. I just listened to it again before posting this and the Pavlovian response is still strong within me. My wife walked by, my Blackberry co-dependent, and she stopped in her tracks too, thinking I had to go to work.

  • Great song! 13 songs is a great album. Waiting room is still heavy in my rotation.


  • I have the same problem when it comes to getting my monthly pay. Will they, won't they? Will they kick up a fuss this time? Will they say no and force me to carry over some salary to next year?

    Getting what you're entitled to based on your employment contract is hard.

  • Here our DBA staff is 5, 4 Oracle and 1 SQL Server. We have been trying to find another DBA that has experience in Oracle and SQL Server for 9 months and come up zero. So, for years now... I continue to the SQL Server DBA. Not fun not having a backup person.

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