DBAs and the Fear Factor

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  • Very good article Louis. I guess it goes with being a DBA, but we do tend toward the conservative when it comes to the data. If we know it, understand it, and trust it, changing how we do things can be very scary. Even our adoption of new versions is slow. My company is still running 2008 R2.

  • Us too. Until very recently many of our system were on 2005 and most others on 2008R2. I do a lot of testing concepts on my personal laptop to be ready for writing and now that we have actually started using 2012 for OLTP stuff and 2014 for our data warehouse. Of course, it can be pretty hard to have to use old versions of SQL Server once you have gotten even somewhat proficient with the new features.

  • I love the statement...

    if we never confront anything that we fear, or don't understand, then we risk stagnation

    Stagnation as a DBA or Data professional is a terrible thing.

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