DBAs and the Career-Life Balance

  • Tracy McKibben (1/19/2012)

    TravisDBA (1/19/2012)

    How many db servers are you reponsible for? That sounds like a slow-paced static shop that doesn't have alot of changes occuring, either in the hardware environment or in the software applications. Different story all together in a fast-paced, fast-changing environment. A lot of DBA's are doing as much automation as they can given the circumstances to relieve constant phone calls, but that does still not get you totally off the hook when you are responsible for 200 db servers versus 20. 😀

    19 production servers, mix of 2000/2005/2008R2, another 20 or so non-production.

    Production code changes occur monthly, during scheduled release windows.

    Between those windows code is promoted from Dev to a pair of QA environments, then to a "pre-production" staging environment.

    Rarely does something get to prod that is just flat-out broken, but we frequently have performance issues to deal with for a few days after these monthly deployments.

    It's far from slow-paced...

    You think that is fast paced, try 200 dude!!!:-D

    "Technology is a weird thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other. ...:-D"

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    It must be nice to be at a point in life where you can choose that. and have an extra income to support that decision vis-a-vis your husband. However, in many cases, for the rest of us working one income DBA's it's not a choice, its part of the job, period. Find a DBA job where it's not 24/7 on-call and I will jump for it. Fat chance though, because most are. Most DBA's I know are not married women with kids anyway (for exactly the reasons you state above), it rinses them out very quickly, and they usually ended up leaving because of pressure from hubby anyway. So your current situation is not typical in our field by a long shot. We all wish we could relax at home and read the latest SQL journal, but that is not the real world. But I am happy for you anyway. You got a sweet deal.:-D

    I think any woman who knows that she wants a career (not just a job) and family has to plan for it way far in advance. We have it drilled into us starting very early. I'm not sure that this is something that my male counterparts hear very often in their career planning.

    I was also very luckily to hit peak earning years during a tech and economic boom. I feel for anyone just starting out now. We hit rough waters at the start of crash, my husband lost his contract after just finishing his MBA, so I was the sole earner (while pregnant!). If it came down to it I would have been sleeping with the pager again.


    This is an editorial, with the sole purpose to get people to think about their careers and their home life. There are no "right" answers.

    I agree, I am happy for her, as I said, she's got a sweet deal. 😀

    "Technology is a weird thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other. ...:-D"

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