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  • And for those of us with children, we can visit you and have our tax preparers determine if the trip is for business purposes...

  • I find that I am geographically nowhere when I am learning. Be it nose in a book or hands at a keyboard. This is due to my propensity to shut out the rest of the world (yes, to the annoyance of the Mrs at times - for better or, usually, for worse!!! ;-)).

    I have been very fortunate to travel (mainly around Europe and a bit in North America) so have experience some of the rest of the world. I love the variety but home is different. At the moment home is where my wife and children are. In the future, when the children move on, it will be where my wife is.

    If it sadly ever ends up just me then I shall be a traveling vagabond and shall turn up around the world for a feed at SQL Saturdays for the free pizza. Hopefully not.


    -- Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen...they're everywhere!!!

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