DB Integrity & Backup Report

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  • Nice script. However, I found one flaw to it. If you have a database that has never been backed up or had an integrity check run on it it will not show up in this report. I found this because I ran the report then created an empty db and reran it. The new DB will not show up until you run a database backup of it.

  • Good One and thanks for sharing.

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  • Hmm, thats a great find about db's without backups... I will modify the script and upload a new version! thx!

  • Thanks for the good script.

  • I do like simple status reports like this that are easily emailed, I send myself a summary of my nightly DBCCs and suspect pages. I look at half a dozen lines instead of 150k of results, as long as those half dozen lines are all zeroes.

    Good job!

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  • Nice Nicholas!

    I use similar queries to prioritize what is going to be done during my maintenance windows.

    DBCC CHECK the DBs that haven't been done in a while or ever. Same goes for the restore testing.

    I also setup a "Reporting" sql agent job to send me emails every morning (If needed). One of the steps

    reports missing backups.

    Thanks for sharing!

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