DB digram, Standard reports to use.

  • Hi,

    Please let me know..

    1. DB Diagram: SSMS is not helping with so many tables and huge DB. Please advise if there are other ways which can be helpful to generate or create DB diagram. The goal is to understanding the tb lvl relationship and what is the MASTER table and get better understanding.

    2. I feel standard reports which are built in sql server are sometimes helpful. However is there any best practice of checking certain standard reports which are helpful.. ( Report - when you right click in ssms on DB or instance name and have report option ..example ..disk usage report. There are multiple reports available however I was wondering which are critical or imp for a DBA.

    Thank you!

  • I use redgate's sql dependency tracker (part of toolbelt)

    although you can use the sysdepends table (it's not accurate if you have dynamic sql or objects are built in the wrong order)


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