DB Backup to a non-domain windows server

  • Hi Everyone,

    The scenario is........

    I have sql 2008 on one machine name "server1" which is on domain abc i.e abc\server1

    so username:abc\user pwd:password

    I dont have any space on server1 to backup my databases, my windows admin provided me a out of domain(abc) server "server2" shared drive location \\server2\z$ to backup my database which has username: xyz pwd:123,

    Issue: How to backup on this network path which is out of the domain abc in this case?

    I map drive and tried to do backup, it could not recognise the device, cant create backup device for this server as its not a sql or a domain server,

    Pls let me know how to proceed with this

    thanks in advance,

  • You'll need to use passthrough authentication. The database engine service account must be able to access the share unchallenged. It's similar to the problems faced in SQL Server log shipping and is detailed in my article at this link[/u][/url].


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