Day Zero with PowerShell

  • steve.treloar (5/24/2011)

    Great article Aaron!

    Thanks Steve!

    I did another article the following day on how to calculate data file space usage using PowerShell[/url]

    I have quite a few blog posts about useful PowerShell+SQL scripts here:[/url]

    @SQLvariantI have a PowerShell script[/url] for you.

  • Thanks for a nice post. Can't wait for subsequent posts.

    BTW i got this error message:

    PS C:\Windows\system32> import-module SQLProfiler

    Attention. This module only runs on x86 Powershell. Execution interrupted

    Any ideas?

  • Yes. I think you just need to open up the x86 version of the ISE and you'll be fine.

    @SQLvariantI have a PowerShell script[/url] for you.

  • Aaron,

    I should have read this article the first time it was published. This is one cool thing you have written on Powershell and has got me interested in this subject. I need to make sure not to delay learning about Powershell.

    Thank you.


  • I really appreciate this, as PowerShell is something I've wanted to get into for a while. I've used it, but only minimally. This series will help me tremendously, I'm sure.


  • I wish I'd ask this when I first replied, but I forgot. Anyway, what is that Administrator: Windows PowerShell ISE window? Whenever I've gotten into PowerShell before I would just hit Run and then type "PowerShell", so what's this? And should I use that, instead of using the Run | PowerShell option?


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