Date/Time parameter does not display calendar in Google Chrome

  • Hello,

    I have a report with a Date/Time parameter called "From Date". When I view the report in Internet Explorer, the parameter has a calendar icon next to it which can be clicked to display a calendar.

    But in Google Chrome, the same report does NOT display this calendar icon.

    Does anyone know why and how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • MS has posted information on Reporting Services and non-Internet Explorer browsers, which indicates that these features are not supported or give inconsistent results in "third party" browsers:

    · Document map

    · Searching within the report

    · Zoom

    · Fixed table headers

    · The Calendar control

    · Image source files that are retrieved from remote computers may not display correctly.

    · The client-side print control used for printing HTML reports.

    I use Google Chrome as my primary browser (actually IRON ) and found that some sites will not work in Chrome, specifically pages that run ASP. As a workaround, I have installed an Chrome extension that will run IE in a Chrome Tab and then set these sites to use the IE extension.

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  • Many thanks for the reply, SSCrazy. I found the microsoft article explaining this and have pasted it below for others who might want to read up more on this issue.

    In my view, I think it is a serious flaw in SSRS that it cannot be rendered in a third party browser. Either SSRS should work with any standard internet browser, or it should run from a specific client SSRS viewer application. This in between situation (where the SSRS will supposedly deliver web pages to a browser, but will only work correctly with IE) is bound to cause many development and deployment headaches.

    What do other people think about this?

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