Datetime Formats

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  • This is pretty cool, thanks.

  • Just ran it. I'll probably modify it to return blanks instead of NULL where applicable.

  • I'm not sure how this supposed to be used. Could someone give me an example?

  • It is a stored procedure. Once you compile it you can run it as below:

    EXEC sp_datetime_formats


    sp_datetime_formats (if no other SQL statement)

  • I might be dense but I was looking to see how I can use it if I run into a situation where I need to do a conversion. Is it just a list of conversion.

    What if I have a query with the Where clause something like ColumnA(int) > getdate()-2

  • I'm sorry, but the only thing this stored procedure does is to show the various formats available when converting a datetime field to a string value.

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