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  • boehnc

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    drawing a blank;

    have one table (Table1) that needs to look in another table (Table2) and for every UserID/Date row bring back from Table 2 any record where the date is +/- 3 days from the date in Table 1. 
    thanks for any assistance.


    UserID      Date1                 Date2

    1000          10/10/2018       10/09/2018
    1000          10/12/2018        10/09/2018
    1100           09/09/2018       09/10/2018
    1100           09/12/2018       09/10/2018
    1100           09/14/2018   

    For simplicity: 
    SELECT  UserID, Date 
    FROM Table1;

    SELECT UserID, Date
    FROM Table 2;

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    What have you tried?


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  • boehnc

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    tried starting out with the SQL below, but it's not evaluating each UserID/Row...only bringing back the "ordered" date in T2 obviously. 

    select t1.*,
           (select t2.Date
            from t2
            where t2.userid = t1.userid
            order by (t2.Date - asc
                  offset 0 rows
            fetch next 1 rows only
           ) as t2_date
    from t1;

  • DesNorton


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    Based on the limited information that you have provided, I would try the following code.
    Note, this is untested code, as I have nothing to test it against.  The code also assumes that the [date] fields are of type datetime.
    SELECT t1.UserID, Date1 = t1.Date, Date2 = t2.Date
    FROM Table1 AS t1
    LEFT JOIN Table2; AS t2
     ON t1.UserID = t2.UserID
    AND t1.Date >= t2.Date -3
    AND t1.Date <= t2.Date +3

  • boehnc

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    I appreciate your help..this worked great! Thank you.

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