Date Parameter in ISO-format as column header

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    Hello to you all,

    I have a question that I am sure has been asked but I have not  yet found an answer to it.
    We have a website (not yet finished) with a date-parameter (amongst others).
    Is it possible to have the date-parameter in YYYY-MM-DD format as the column header, rather than the Month Year given by SSAS?
    If I create a measure, the measure name is used.
    One option is to replace the automatically generated date dimension with a custom made one and have this date shown.
    Instead, I'm hoping that the problem can be solved by means of MDX.

    The MDX-query runs something like this:
     -- contents of string are from the date dropdown. It gives year and month.
    with      set [DateParameter] as StrToMember( '[Date].[Calendar].[Month].&[2008]&[4]' )
    select    non empty { ( [DateParameter].item(0), [Measures].[Order Count] ) } on 0
              , non empty { ( [Product].[Product Categories].[Subcategory] ) } on 1
    from      [Adventure Works];

    The following is returned:
                 April 2008
                 Order Count
    Bike Racks            49
    Bike Stands           29
    Bottles and Cages    466
    and so on

    How can I display 'April 2008' as '2008-04-01'?
    Alternatively, if there is a property in the solution in SSDT that I can change, then that would be good too.

    Thank you very much for your time,
    Sean Redmond.

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