Date Dimensions Part 2

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  • Thanks for the great series (if 2 = series) on Date Dimensions. It certainly relates to me, as to just about any Data Warehouse developer. I definitely learned some great tricks that I use regularly now, in both articles.

    One question: have you found a good solution for moving dates that you can use in Excel 2007 Pivot Tables? Basically a way to tag "yesterday", "this month", "last week", etc., that a user can then create and publish a report with one of those dates as a filter, and when they reload and refresh the report it will maintain the correct date range?

    Thanks again,

    Rick Todd

  • Thanks Rick.

    We can create a calculated member such as Yesterday and Last Month like this:

    with member [Transaction Date].[Date].[Yesterday] as

    members("[Transaction Date].[Date].&[" + Format(DateAdd("d",-1,now()),"yyyy-MM-dd") + "]")

    select [Transaction Date].[Date].[Yesterday] on rows,

    [Measures].[Amount] on columns

    from [Cube];

    with member [Transaction Date].[Month].[Last Month] as

    members("[Transaction Date].[Month].&[" + Format(DateAdd("m",-1,now()),"MMMM yyyy") + "]")

    select [Transaction Date].[Month].[Last Month] on rows,

    [Measures].[Amount] on columns

    from [Cube];

  • Anything simple like that for This Week? Not having the "ww" type functionality in the FORMAT(NOW()) makes it a lot more complicated, and googling doesn't seem to bring up anything useful.

    Rick Todd

  • It looks like to build this into the cube, I have to build them as Sets. This is nice from a presentation perspective, in that they show up in the Sets section in Excel 2007 for their respective dimensions, but means I can't use more than one at the same time.

    Am I missing something, and I don't have to build them as Sets?

    Rick Todd

  • Hi Rick,

    1. If the week attribute is in yyyy-ww format, we can use datepart() for [This Week]:

    with member [Transaction Date].[Week].[This Week] as

    StrToMember("[Transaction Date].[Week].&[" + cstr(datepart("yyyy",now())) +

    "-" + right("0"+cstr(datepart("ww",now())),2) + "]")

    select [Transaction Date].[Week].[This Week] on rows,

    [Measures].[Amount] on columns

    from [Cube];

    2. It's member not set. The member definition is between "as" and "select".




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