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  • Got it right but I didn't understand the question. I actually thought that the question meant to say DATETIME but indeed it was DATE and TIME.

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  • Yes, you knew Datetime.

    But Sql Server 2008 provides new datatypes to store -between others - or only a date or only a time.

    In the answer, you have a link to msdn which expose the new features of Sql Server 2008, and you have here a specialized msdn page about date and time new datatype.

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  • DATE and TIME data type are really welcome addition in SQL Server 2008.

    I knew this one as I always had the problem extraction only date or time part in SQL Server 2005, because only one common data type 'DATETIME' was available.

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  • I knew these datatypes were not in SQL versions prior to 2000 and they are in 2008, but thought they might have included in 2005...i was wrong...:-D

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