Database stoped after SP3 aplication

  • Hi all,

    I´m with a big problem.

    I installed the Service Pack 3, and nobody

    can to access the databases.

    When I installed the SP3, I used the NT authentication. Can be this the problem?

    Can I installed again the SP3 changing the authentication?

    Please, somebody help me!

  • Any specific error as I have not seen any issue with access after an SP install except TCPIP connectivity. Also check SQL Error logs and EventViewer logs to see if anything specific shows in them after SP install.

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  • If you have NT authentication only, you can't use SQL Server accounts to connect to databases. Every account listed under 'security' in Ent Mgr would have to be an NT account. If you need mixed security authentication, try changing it in the Security tab of the server properties dialog box.

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