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    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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  • There is a db_sysltduser role in the msdb database, but not db_sysitduser role, looks like a uppercase 'I' was mistaken for a lower case 'l' in the role name!

  • There is no DB_SSISITDUSER but only a DB_SSISLTDUSER (when uppercased).

    Seems this question has a fault in it.

  • There is definitely no db_ssisitduser, and therefore this option is incorrect, not just a misspelled character. The QoD should teach the participants to carefully read the question and answer to what was asked, without having to assume what the writer might have had in mind. In real world, a script with "db_ssisitduser" would fail the same way as with "dc_user".

  • Hi, I've noticed that db_ssisitduser is being classed as a correct answer where SQL BOL 2008 states there is no such user, I'm guessing there's a typo here and the option should have read db_ssisltduser.

    I did think about checking the forum before I answered this question as I thought it might have been a mistake, but then I thought I'd be cheating myself an extra point! 😉

  • At first I chose the db_ssisitduser, but then realized it's actually db_ssisLtduser. A very confusing typo!

  • just adding to agree with the other comments re: db_ssisitduser

    vs. db_ssisltduser

  • I agree with the others, there is db_ssisltduser but no db_ssitduser.

  • I also fell into the typo trap. So I post to get my point anyway...

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  • Just making sure I'm not the only one who missed this because of the typo. boo

    Technical conquests for the nerd in all of us

  • Come on, don't be such a twerp! There is no such role as "db_ssisitduser". There is a role "db_ssisltduser" but if you meant that one then shame upon you. Incompetent! I insist on getting my point back.

    You never know: reading my book: "All about your computer" might just tell you something you never knew!

  • I am sure that Steve will correct this when he gets a chance to review it.

  • Just wanted to add myself to the list of disgruntled respondents over the typo in the question. I went back and forth on whether to check ssisitduser before deciding that the typo must have been part of the test...which it wasn't.

  • I wish to apologize to those who answered the QOD and had their answer judged to be incorrect, and to all members of the SQL Server Central community for my typing error. What was Ssisituser should have been ssisltuser

    This is not an excuse, for I read and re-read my answers when formulating the question, but I guess my eyes saw what I knew in my mind it should be, and for that I apologize.

    For those

    disgruntled respondents

    I would ask you to compose a QOD keeping in mind the major objective of teaching / acquainting users of this site to various aspects of SQL Server not generally known or understood. For those of you who might accept the link is:

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


    Please help us, help you -before posting a question please read[/url]
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  • I went ahead and checked the db_ssisitduser as I felt (from general test-taking) that it was a typo and not a trick. But that kind of trickery is not cool, and most question writers do not intend such tiny obfuscations.

    Obviously there is not much QA vetting by an alternate person before the questions are deployed.

    As to the question writing challenge: is there a way to know the potential question has not been written before?

    It seems there have in the past been extremely close variations, but I have not noticed any identical questions from 2007 forward... cannot speak to any prior to that. Maybe these questions are better in another area or forum of the site...

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