Database Recovery but DB is 7GB and log file is almost 3

  • I have had a server crash and although I was able to recover the disks and the contents, the SQL database isn't working when I drop the files into the DATA folder and Attach to them. The database immediately goes into Recovery Mode. I tried all the usual commands to get the database up and running but I keep getting errors indicating that there is no disk space available, that the file is in read only mode, and a few other errors. I honestly think that this has to do with the size.

    I moved the log file out of the folder and tried to recover allowing data loss but even that path is throwing errors.


    Msg 945, Level 14, State 2, Line 1

    Database 'Shop' cannot be opened due to inaccessible files or insufficient memory or disk space. See the SQL Server errorlog for details.

  • Restore from backup is your only hope.

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