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  • Good question, thanks Junior.

    Nice new option... learned something today

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  • So, Maybe I didn't get it but a MVP just told me this:

    In previous versions of SQL Server, the Page_Verify database property algorithms were used to verify and identify possible incomplete, suspected, or broken pages of data.

    In SQL Server 2017, what is the new option that should be set to add a certain bit in the header of a page?

    I'm not going to argue with a MVP here but I can prove that Checksum was for Page_Verify Option available at least a few versions back.

  • hi

    first link in References section doesn't work


    also, it's not clear what do you mean by the question

    "In SQL Server 2017, what is the new option that should be set to add a certain bit in the header of a page?"

    when correct answer is "Checksum".

    Checksum option has been introduced in SQL2005 , so it's not "the new option in SQL2017".


  • I didn't think Checksum was a new option.  It's been around for quite a few versions.

  • I think we should all send in QotD with what we think might be a 2017-ish thingie - , feels almost like a Jersey thing to do.

    Sorry no hard feelings but I would assume both MVP and QotD approver, know this - now - basic (2005) story.

  • I also got this wrong this morning as I know that Checksum has been around for quite a few versions. I even went back and verified this on several of our SQL Server installations including 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2016 and Checksum is available in all of those.

  • I think we need an explanation from the author.  Checksum was added in 2005.  He backs up his answer with one broken link and one that doesn't mention this being added in 2017.  Almost like he took a 2005 question and changed the date to 2017.  The correct answer probably should have been none.

  • To begin with, none of the options are new in 2017.  Then the question asks for the option that will "add a certain bit in the header". None of the options adds exactly one bit, but TORN_PAGE_DETECTION adds only two bits while CHECKSUM adds 32 bits.  CHECKSUM is the better answer if you want to have more confidence that data corruption will be detected, but it doesn't seem to me that it is the best choice the way the question is worded.


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