database mirroring on mirror only.

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    So I've been off for a few weeks & the stand in has messed up my mirroring on a couple of dbs.  He's not here & I don't know what he's done.

    • On the principal - the database is standalone.  No meta data in database_mirroring to suggest mirroring.
    • On the mirror - the same database is listed as mirror, synchronizing, restoring.  The meta data is all there.

    I want to delete the mirror db & re-mirror.  I can't drop the db on the mirror as it thinks it's mirroring.  I can't ALTER DB x SET PARTNER OFF on either.  I can't start mirroring.  All produce expected errors.

    The only 2 things I have left to try are:

    1.  Alter the database_mirroring table to make the mirror realise it's not in a mirror relationship.  drop.  remirror.  Need to check any associated tables.
    2.  Drop the database on the principal.  Suspect this will still leave me in a pickle.

    Any other ideas / suggestions?

    This is live & I have no test system.

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    Update - restarted the SQL server on the mirror & the issue resolved itself.  Meta data was amended & I was able to drop the databases.  Not ideal & unsure how it occurred but it worked.

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