Database Manager

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    I found this position online and was surprised to notice the compensation package. The one thing I can understand is that it's working for a foundation, but all other factors wouldn't make this position enticing for prospective candidates in DC area. Or would it?

    Database Manager

  • The job description is a DBA job description not a manager.

    Salary is mid-forties depending on education and experience with excellent benefits package. 

    Even a college graduate earns more than mid-forties in an IT position.  Good luck to them to find the Database manager.


  • out of curiosity, what is the difference between a database manager and a database admin? In addition to that, what should be the salary requirements of said position?

    I couldn't find the salary range for a database manager on the site.

  • Normally in the six figures. Any way, most of Database Managers do make six figures.

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