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    Hello ,

    Can you suggest me how to Receive a mail notification, not as soon as job completes but at a particular time after the job completion. In the job setup window, I just have an option in notifications as ' when job succeeds'. I want to get notified in the morning after job succeeds (job runs at night). May be I was thinking that I can use jobhistory tables (job_status column) and write a script such that if status is success, notify operator at particular time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    You can set some alert through an utility like after the successful completion of job you will receive a mail

    Use some monitoring software like this


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    Add a step into the job which uses WAITFOR TIME command to delay the sending of the mail. Then execute a msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail command with the mail you want to send.

    I would do two, one for success one for failure, then set the main job step to go to the right mail step depending on its outcome.


    Step1 - Run my procedure, on success go to step2, on failure go to step3

    Step2 - WAITFOR TIME '07:30' send success mail, on success quit reporting success, on failure quit reporting failure

    Step3 - WAITFOR TIME '07:30' send failure email, on success quit reporting failure, on failure quit reporting failure

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