Database goes "In Recovery" Mode Automatically

  • Hi Experts,


    I am Using SQL Server Express Edition at client side, and my Database goes "In Recovery" Mode automatically, and comes in normal mode with in seconds


    it repeats 3 to 4 times in 1 Minute.


    Please suggest what to do keep in active mode.



    Mohamad Feroz Patel

    Patel Mohamad

  • Express editions have  a setting called autoclose, which turns off the database when it has been idle for a while in order to save resources, since an express edition is often a developer type machine.

    if this query returns any results at all, those databases need to be modified to turn off autoclose:


    SELECT 'ALTER DATABASE  ' + QUOTENAME(name) + ' SET AUTO_CLOSE OFF', AS fixcmd,* FROM sys.databases WHERE is_auto_close_on = 1


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