Database Documentation Using Red Gate's SQLDoc

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  • I'm interested in this type of Documentation. I can see where this data will be very valuable but I'm a little scared at what appears to be a very complex process in entering the data.

  • It isn't as complex as it looks. The complexity is in having to rename directories as a result of the timestamp facility but Red-Gate have that down as a thing to be fixed.

    The main thing is to start attaching MS_Description properties to your objects. I am probably committing an unmentionable sin by mentioning that there are other database documentation tools out there and they all use the MS_Description property.

    Once the MS_Description properties are set they are there for all time and are backed up with the database so you don't have to worry about losing them.

  • Interesting.

    If I load the software on my PC can I direct where the new diectories should be created? I thinking of putting the output on a shared network disk as word documents.?

    The package also allows you to edit the descriptions or comments which is the data stored as MS_Description. If I make a change or add new information does the edit feature update the database or do these changes only get reflected in the word document report the one time. If I rerun the report a second time are the changes gone?

    I'm trying to determine which would be the better method of updating the MS_Description information.

  • The idea of automatically documenting a database is a fantastic idea, especially when you store information in the extended properties. Unfortunately SQL Doc is not very flexible and the last time I checked with Red Gate, they had no documented plans for enhancing this tool.


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