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  • manoj2001


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    Hi All,

    I have created database diagram in SQL Server 2008 two days back and it was

    created successfully. When i have tried to open it and make some modification for changes required to certain relationship and table. suddenly it became Readonly.

    it is not allowing me to select and of the table any of the relationship in diagram.

    Any of you have faced such problem with database diagram?


  • janus007-1077403

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    I don't use database diagram tool in SQL Server 2008 (or 2000 or 2005)

    I think they are very very bad, I use another tool called Visual Paradigm, much more intuitive and flexible.

  • Apurva


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    Use Microsoft Visio. Its cool.

  • gopal-254292

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    The reason behind it may be you have modified the table while defining the relationship between the tables such as change the null / not null property for the columns in the table. This will make the tables uneditable and convert the database in Readonly mode. To overcome this issue just close the diagram without saving it and refresh your database. Open the table structure, make the changes and then again open the daigram after refreshing the diagram.

    This time the database daigram will allow you the editing. 🙂

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