Database details missing in SYS.MASTER_FILES view

  • Hi,

    I noticed that one of the database information is missing in sys.master_files catalog view today. I have nearly 14 databases but the sys.master_files has only 13 database name. One of the db information is missing. SQL Server version 2012 SP4. Can anyone let me know why this behaviour is. ?

  • OK, so "nearly" is not exact, so nearly 14 could actually be 13, or it could be 15 or some other random number.

    Please first count the number of databases you have

    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM sys.databases

    What is the output of the above.

    Additionally what is the output of

    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM sys.master_files WHERE file_id = 2

    Do the two numbers match?

    If not please provide a screenshot of what is contained in sys.databases and sys.master_files

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