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    I am wondering what people are using for automated deployment of database objects.  We are agile, but only because we have sprints.  We perform large about every 3 months and assign the stories to a release in TFS, so it is easy to figure out what scripts are being released.  We also do smaller releases but sometimes include the same objects as the larger release.  In this case, the smaller release could be a bug fix, but we don't want to include any code from the larger release.  Is there a tool out there that can help with this?  Currently, I have a  Current Development with each script in it with a naming convention that includes the Story Number.  I also have the project in VSTS.  If I do a compare, I'll get more objects than I need and it creates a script that sometimes doesn't work the way I want (i.e. rename a column will drop the column and add new).  Thanks for any suggestions

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    Disclosure: I work for Redgate Software, and we have tools to make this easier.

    However, the problem of having items in a release is really a VCS issue. I assume you have some version control in VSTS/Azure DevOps. If not, you should be storing things here. Then use branching to handle separating which items to release.

    This is more complex then a general "here's how this works". I'd more suggest that you think about the specific problems and then ask about those.


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