Database Data Files out of Sync

  • I've stepped into a new environment and have never dealt with multiple data files on user databases only with Temp db.

    What would be the best way to get all my data files in sync. I have done this on databases that aren't that big in size or off in size by a lot. But not like this, Is there an easy way to do this or a best practice that some one could help me with?

    Here is what I have

    Mdf -- 69 GB

    ndf -- 3

    ndf -- 3

    ndf -- 3

    ndf -- 3

    ndf -- 4

    ndf --4

    ndf -- 2

    SQL Server 2012

    Thanks in advance

  • What do you mean by 'in sync'?

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  • On the guess that you mean you want all of the files to be the same size, or the same usage, this may go one of two ways. Are all of these files in the same filegroup, or are there multiple filegroups?

  • Yes the same size and yes there all in the same file group.

    Thank you

  • I got this handled now

    Thanks everyone

  • How did you handle this? I had no experience and therefore no input, but I was watching the thread so I could learn what needed to be done.

  • I shrunk the file to get the space that wasn't being used released. then allocated the size I needed across the other 7 files.


  • I am having the exact same problem but not able to fix it. Can you give more detail on how you fixed this?

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