Database Change Management Best Practices : Achieving an Automated App

  • I appreciated the info, Ken. My first reaction was thinking that this was going to turn into a multi-part post that just quoted the white paper. Hearing from others, it appears that isn't the case and I'm glad to hear it. I agree that this software sounds really promising - it's just that I have trouble justifying major expense being that we're not a software shop. We have a pretty small team and changes are mostly manageable now. I'm just always looking for something better than source safe and database compares. I'll be interested to read the rest of the articles to see the ideas behind this.


  • I'd love to here the results of your testing Ken, I'm going to be doing the same thing but it sounds like you might get there first.

  • We use

    • Perforce for version control
    • PowerDesigner for table creation and maintenance. Both the PowerDesigner file and the generated SQL file (create statements) are checked in Perforce
    • RedGate SQL Compare to detect the changes and then build a a script to update each database.

    We can get 60-80% of the changes generated by SQL Compare. The rest is hand crafted as we  use the scripts in an upgrade of our product. The integration of the generated scripts with the manually written scripts is sequenced in a batch command file.

    Hope this helps others who are thinking about version control and upgrades.

  • Oops, nevermind, I made a comment not realizing the concern had allready been voiced in another post.


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