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  • Hello,

    I am looking at a database backup command that is executed via the maintenance plan. the backup command has the stats = 10 optoin. I read in BOL that it means "Displays a message each time another percentage completes, and is used to gauge progress. If percentage is omitted, SQL Server displays a message after each 10 percent is completed."

    Where is this message displayed? Is it recommended to use this option?



  • I'm not sure if it would be displayed anywhere when used via a maintenance plan. Maybe if your plan is set up to log the results to a file, you'd see the results there. I like to use the STATS option when running RESTORE commands via SSMS so that I know what my progress looks like.

    John Rowan

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  • HI,

    Thank you so much... I ran the backup in query analyzer and see the messages.. looked in the output file that the maintenance plan creates and no messages there. But at least now I know messages do exist.


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