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  • Arsh


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    Hi Folks,
    I'm aspiring to learn database designing and excel as an architect (Database Solutions) as well with certification. Have over 15 years experience as SQL server DBA + Oracle Core and Apps DBA and some back ground of DB and application development too.. Any suggestions / advices are highly appreciated ... Thank you.

  • quackhandle1975


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    You would probably best starting with trying for the MCSA for SQL Server 2016.  (Two exams).
    Once you have that you can then try for the MCSE (Solution Expert) one elective exam taken yearly (I think) and there are a range of topics to choose from.

    MS have not offered any form of Master/Architect certification since they pulled the SQL 2008 R2 MCM programme back in 2009 I think.  Although if you look at the current SQL certification pyramid the top section is left blank; MCSE is the current highest attainable level.

    Good luck.


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  • Arsh


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    Hi qh. I'm MCITP and MCTS 2008 R2 , long ago. Thank you so much for the guidance as per the current options.

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