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    I have a little question about DBA job future in near time, as there is a gradual shift fto cloud computing, I get a doubt sometime will cloud computing consume DBA jobs. The reason why I am asking is i have recently shifted from .Net to SQL server DBA and I got the job in no time, I am very much interested in troubleshooting rather then praogramming. So sometimes I get this thought did i took the right step or not, had I been taken cloud computing to secure my future can someone answer this coz I am relatively have very very little or no knowledge about cloud computing.


    1. Will cloud computing consume DBA jobs.

    2. Is there a way I can do some cloud computing courses which will be related to DBA, I heard about hadoop, and azure,

    can someone please suggest...

    Thanks in advance

  • sqlpanther (2/19/2013)

    1. Will cloud computing consume DBA jobs.

    2. Is there a way I can do some cloud computing courses which will be related to DBA, I heard about hadoop, and azure

    By "consume" do you mean "make obsolete"? No matter, in my opinion Cloud computing companies must have DBAs as well. Any loss in DBA demand from maintenance on outsourced OLTP databases will likely be offset by new positions with Cloud computing companies or additional positions re-hosting data for local operational and analytical data services. I personally dislike cloud services, because of limitations imposed integrating with your enterprise's data.

    Big database architectures like Hadoop are not cloud-related per se, but learning about big data architectural approaches can only help make a DBA more employable.

    My understanding of Azure is that it is simply remote hosted SQL Server virtual server instances that are already set up and maintained offsite. Use of cloud services limited by bandwidth and constrained by security concerns, so those interested may want to learn about compression, SaaS integration, encoding and encryption.

  • Hello,

    There are numerous Azure role based certifications that offer a great transition from traditional on-prem to Azure cloud. A few great certifications to help with this transition and learning are:

    1. Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate:
    2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate:
    3. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate:

    Also see this article for more detail on 'How to ace an Azure Data engineer interview':



  • The popular list here notes Azure VMs and storage are things people need to learn about. I'd agree with this. There is plenty to troubleshoot in the cloud

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  • yes, you are right, as the IT infrastructure is eventually migrating to the cloud. However, having said that, there will be always a demand for database management, so it can be suggested that you should train yourself in cloud database technologies, such as AWS Redshift, Azure Cosmos DB, AWS RDS, Cloud SQL, etc. In the near future and even now it can be a great advantage in your resume.

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