Data sync between SQL VM in Azure and On Premises SQL Database

  • Hi Guys,

    I need to figure out best way to address data syncing between database on SQL VM (in Azure env) and On premises sql databases.

    We are going to have 6 different locations in china with on site SQL Servers and we will have one central SQL Server in Azure cloud to keep master data. They all will be connected through point-to-site vpn. On nightly basis, we will be feeding Onsite servers (inserts to table) from cloud server. and every 15 minutes, we need to update cloud server with changes that happened onSite server.

    What is the best way to do it considering performance and lock situation on cloud server.


  • You can set up a virtual network that allows you to treat the VMs as if they were part of your on-premises servers. Then, you have lots of choices. You can set up any of the standard methods for moving data around, including replication, availability groups, log shipping, whatever you think will work best. But start by getting the virtual network setup. Just remember, any method you use needs to take into account two issues, availability and latency. There is a likelihood of connection issues, so you have to have a good retry mechanism. And, depending on where your home base is, you're going to see latency. But neither of those should prevent you using just about any mechanism for moving the data around.

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  • Thanks Grant.

    I did create a virtual network so that all my machines can talk to each other (cloud and oniste). I also tried SSIS, Bits and Azure Queues to transfer data. And it seems direct load using SSIS working the best. You are right regarding adding retry mechanism into our system. Will work on that next....

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