Data Profilng Column Functional Dependency T-SQL

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  • I really don't know what is showig this pie chart !

    This is some creasy idea to use pie chart to this data, is't it?

  • I don't know why you make it in so complikated way.

    Below you can find my version of your procedure.

    CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[ColumnDependency2]

    @TableName VARCHAR(128) ,

    @Determinant VARCHAR(128) ,

    @Dependent VARCHAR(128)


    Declare @SQL VarChar(MAX);

    SELECT @SQL = 'WITH all_ AS (

    SELECT '+@Determinant+'


    ,count(*) cnt

    FROM '+@TableName+'

    GROUP BY '+@Determinant+'



    , fraction_ AS (

    SELECT '+@Determinant+'

    ,max(cnt) support_count

    ,sum(cnt) frac_cnt

    FROM all_

    GROUP BY '+@Determinant+'


    SELECT v.'+@Determinant+'


    ,cnt [Dependeny Counts]

    ,case when cnt < support_count then ''Violation Percentage''

    ELSE ''Support Percentage''

    end [Dependency type]

    ,CAST(CAST(cnt AS DECIMAL ) / frac_cnt * 100 AS DECIMAL (5, 2)) AS PercentViolation

    FROM all_ v


    WHERE fraction_.'+@Determinant+' = v.'+@Determinant+'

    ORDER BY 1, 3 DESC ';

    Print @SQL

    Exec (@SQL)

    and execution:

    Exec ColumnDependency2

    @TableName = 'Addresses',

    @Dependent = 'StateProvinceName',

    @Determinant = 'CountryRegionCode '


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